Conditions of Purchase 


The prices are stated in SEK (Swedish Kronor) and are valid until further notice. On certain occasions, prices must be modified without previous notice.
Such modifications can be due to changes in the currency conversion situation, changes in national taxes or unexpected price changes from a supplier.
Packing material, pallets and pallet frames are debited.
Do not pay before our Invoice. Interest on overdue payments amounts to 8% per month from the payment due date together with a legally stipulated reminder fee of 45 SEK (Swedish Kronor). 

Range of products

The articles specified in the catalogue are normally available from stock.

Sales and Delivery. 

We accept orders by Internet shop. Articles in stock are normally dispatched within 4 to 7 working days.
Please state when ordering whether the order is urgent, AOG.


AOG fee is 700:- SEK + Swedish VAT if applicable (approx. 75 EUR)

Payment fee

Payment methods applicable in Sweden:
At the moment we can offer following payment methods, COD (cash on delivery) via PayPal. In the case of COD, there are extra charges over and above postage in the form of the Swedish Post Office COD charge ( 80:-SEK at the moment plus VAT for postal packages). In the case of invoicing ( 15 days credit), no COD charges are applicable. However there is a Swedish Post Office postal/freight fee + VAT. The invoicing payment method is available to our established customers and also to new customers after application/agreement. Contact us if you wish to become an invoice customer. 

Payment methods that apply to export:

Export sales are made only on a COD basis or through payment in advance.
Freight charges and fees are in accordance with the transport company’s tariffs. 

Collection of goods

We have no shop sales, all delivery is via freight company. 

Uncollected packages

I the case of uncollected packages, the order is debited freight charges paid out by us, this amount being not less than  275:- SEK plus VAT. 

Returned goods and replacements

If returned goods are to be accepted, they must naturally be unused. See our Guarantee for other cases. We handle only pre-notified returned goods. If you should regret making a purchase or order the wrong product, you have full return right and replacement right if you despatch the goods to us with ten days from the reception date, see the postmark date. If you have submitted the wrong order, then we are entitled to make a return deduction for our freight charges and handling costs. No returns are permitted for electrical components such as relays, control units, electric motors, sensors, etc. This applies without exception.
If we have committed an error, then we accept the return freight charges. Use the postal customer return service. Returned goods must be accompanied by a completed return form. We must naturally be informed of the reason for the return so that we can handle it. The invoice is your proof of purchase. Return packages may not be sent to us Cash on Delivery (COD) or charges forward. Freight charges for returned goods are to be paid for by the despatcher. If we have delivered the wrong product, you will also be repaid for your freight outlay, postal customer return. Please state your postgiro or bankgiro number. The despatcher is responsible for transport risks. When we send you a package, then we accept the transport risks, if goods are returned to us, then you accept these risks. 

Special orders

Articles that have been specially ordered at the request of the customer, or are not included in the catalogue range, cannot be accepted in return. 

Damaged packages

If a package is damaged when you receive it, you must inform the instance responsible for delivery immediately. Never accept goods with visible external damage. If you not discover damage until you have taken home the goods, then take the complete shipment together with packing material to the instance reponsible for delivery and fill in a damage report. 

The reponsibility of the buyer

We cannot supervise the fact that the parts we sell have been checked and assembled in a professional manner in accordince with the specifications of the manufacturer. This is the responsibility of the buyer and the mechanic. According to the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman, you are under obligation to check that you have received the correct part to which the Guarantee applies. 


Our sales are carried out in accordance with the Swedish Sale of Goods Act and the Swedish Consumer Purchases Act. If anything that you have purchased from us should fail in normal use, first contact us and then send back the faulty part, see Returned Goods and Replacements. If we can confirm faulty material or manufacture, then we repair the product or send you an identical unit. Goods sent in return must be well cleaned. 

 Guarantee claims do not apply: 

• If the goods have not been examined and compared with the old parts 
• In the case of parts subject to normal wear, such as spark plugs 
• If the part has been wrongly fitted 
• If the faulty part has been subjected to machining or other mechanical operations without our consent 

We do not accept costs: 

• For assembly/disassembly of faulty parts 
• For repairs carried out in another workshop 
• Possible subsequent costs caused by the faulty part 
• For production losses or machine stoppages